Today’s Devotional

Saturday, February 24, 2024

This devotional comes from the February 24 entry of the Hearing From God Daily Devotional. Click the image above for purchase information.

It greatly pleases Me to fellowship with you in the night seasons, as well as during the day when you are going about your business. When you direct your thoughts toward Me, I enjoy your company, but in addition, you are allowing Me to work in your life. And I am at work, making sure that all things work together for your good, for I have called you, and you have responded. You have prayed for Breakthrough in your own life and in the lives of others, and I am sending him: there is an angel of that name, whose job it is to deliver breakthrough to My people. You will see him, and he will deliver gifts from My hand to you. With those gifts, you will be more able to bless those you have been praying for, because the power to heal will be present. Remain faithful, and you will see Breakthrough, not only as a concept, but as one of My servants. The time is drawing near when I will open your eyes to the spiritual realm, and you will be able to see, even as Elisha's servant did. And contend for prophecy; it is something that I desire to give you. Seek it more intently and passionately, and I will answer. You have seen just the tiniest bit of the blessing that it can be to people—it can be, and should be, so much more.

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