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One Nation Under God . . .Again!

One of the recent discussions that has been generating more heat than light lately pertains to the spiritual underpinnings of the Founding Fathers of these United States: whether or not they intended to include Biblical/Christian principles in the founding documents, and therefore the entire fabric of our American society. There are some modern scholars who say the Founders were godless and secular, and other modern scholars who say they were solid Biblical Christians. Who is right? Rather than simply quoting recent writings concerning what the Founders “must have” meant, it is much more reliable to look at the writings of the Founders themselves, in context, compare their content to the Bible, and see how well they match. Unlike some modern scholars who “omit the scholarly practice” of including citations, expecting their readers to simply trust their conclusions, this book includes hundreds of footnotes containing citations, so you can go to the original documents themselves and verify the statements herein. When you do, you will see that our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights are not at all “godless” documents written from a secular mindset, but are filled with Biblical references, concepts, and wisdom. Armed with that knowledge and understanding, you will be able to confidently promote, as did the Founders, the strength of character and solid societal foundations that originally formed the basis of this country. If the Body of Christ rises to the challenge, we will indeed be one nation under God . . .again!

Table of Contents

Prophets vs Seers: Is there a Difference?
(Book 1 in the Thoughts On Series)
ISBN 978-1-63315-158-1 (E-book, ≈29,000 words, $3.99)
ISBN 978-1-50886-125-6 (Paperback, 112 pages, $6.99)
Prophets vs. Seers: Is There a Difference? looks at that question from a Biblical viewpoint. There are Bible teachers who teach that prophets and seers are fundamentally different, and they offer some supporting evidence, while others say they merely variations in manifestation of fundamentally the same gift and calling. Is there enough Scriptural evidence to conclude that they are the same kind of person, or the same kind of calling, or are they indeed different? And then what about a “man of God” (or “woman of God”)? Are they just prophets using a different descriptor, or are they a totally different kind of ministry? An in-depth analysis of related Scriptures leads the author to a solid conclusion.

This is a great book for anyone wanting to look closely at scriptures that make reference to prophets and seers. If you want to know if there is a difference between the two, this is your book! The author sets out to investigate how this spiritual gift is demonstrated and uses scriptural references to bring to light the similarities between prophets and seers. I particularly enjoyed that the format of the book was written like a bible study/word study.
Deborah Darling, Prayer Deacon, Trinity Church, New York, NY

Is It Possible to Stop Sinning?
(Book 2 in the Thoughts On Series)
ISBN 978-1-63315-280-9 (E-book, ≈79,000 words, $9.99)
ISBN 978-1-50887-686-1 (Paperback, 258 pages, $12.99)
There are a couple common beliefs in Christianity today: one holds that Christians living on earth will inevitably continue to sin until they graduate to heaven, and the other holds that it is possible for Christians to be without sin even while living on earth. Of course, the major factor in this discussion is what the Bible says. For example, What is sin? What does God say about it? What does God tell us to do about it? What did Jesus provide in the atonement? This book delves into great detail on the subject and includes Biblical support from many relevant Scriptures, showing God’s heart on the matter, in a way that is both theologically relevant and practical in everyday life.

Extra-Biblical Truth: A Valid Concept?
(Book 3 in the Thoughts On Series)
ISBN 978-1-63315-187-1 (E-book, ≈43,000 words, $6.99)
ISBN 978-1-50888-853-6 (Paperback, 132 pages, $9.99)
There is a theory that says that God will not do nor say anything for which there is not a Biblical precedent, nor would He reveal a doctrine that was hitherto unheard of. Is this theory reasonable? Does the Bible itself address the question of God doing or saying things that are not already exemplified in the Bible itself? Actually, the Bible does address this question very clearly, and in several different ways. This book illustrates how to analyze and discern, from a Scriptural point of view, events and practices for which the Bible doesn’t have specific examples.

It is a good book. . . it will bless many. . . It is a solid book.
Dr. Mark Virkler, President of Christian Leadership University and Communion With God Ministries, Buffalo, NY

Thank you, Dave, for not allowing God to be put in a box of human expectations or limitations, by raising questions and showing evidence of His sovereignty in all things. Your absolute unyielding adherence to the authority of Scripture and freedom of thought to allow the word to be unfettered by narrow-minded interpretive schemes is refreshing. . . Your book challenged the kind of thinking that creates a war between science and the Bible based on the conclusion some have made, that ‘God only works in ways we understand.’ The solid Biblical evidence presented encourages and establishes both the ‘holding fast’ to the authority of Scripture and the mystery and majesty of the Creator’s sovereign will to act in the affairs of man. I highly recommend this book as a textbook of Biblical evidence that God is God, and as the Scripture says: ‘I will work and who can stop me?’
Tom Albrecht, Founder and Senior Pastor of Christ’s Church of the Rockies and the Front Porch Outreach, Loveland, CO

Dave Arns does a service to the Kingdom of God by writing concerning an important area of Christian thought that some would like to avoid in today’s world. He approaches the subject of the validity of the concept of extra-Biblical truth with love and compassion for all who might take sides on the issue. Especially noteworthy is Dave’s positive statement dealing with concern for adhering to the truth of God’s word in evaluating any position taken—in the chapter titled ‘Detecting Counterfeits,’ Dave reminds us that ‘Ever since the Garden of Eden, there have been spiritual counterfeits, but if you look at it logically, that should actually be encouraging. . . The only reason Satan tries to counterfeit spiritual gifts is because there are real gifts he’s trying to pull people away from. So we should not fear spiritual counterfeits; we should go to God and find out what it is that He’s trying to give us that is so powerful and influential for His Kingdom that Satan is trying his best to scare us away from it.’
Jim Tracy, M.A. in Biblical Studies, Senior Pastor of Celebration Church, Loveland, CO

“My name is Charity, and I live in New York.” Both of those are true statements, yet neither one is mentioned in Scripture. Through this simple illustration we understand that while everything in the Bible is true, the Bible does not contain all truth. Dave Arns carefully explores this important distinction in his book, Extra-Biblical Truth: A Valid Concept? Here you will find a responsible examination of a potentially confusing subject written with an uncompromising commitment to the authority and inerrancy of God’s Word. I highly recommend it.
—Charity Virkler Kayembe, Founder, Glory Waves Ministries
Co-Author, Hearing God Through Your Dreams and Everyday Angels

Gold Dust, Jewels, and More: Manifestations of God?
(Book 4 in the Thoughts On Series)
ISBN 978-1-63315-201-4 (E-book, ≈128,000 words, $7.99)
ISBN 978-1-50890-772-5 (Paperback, 420 pages, $14.99)
For the last couple of decades, there have been more and more reports of “unusual” occurrences taking place at meetings in which the Holy Spirit is allowed to move freely. These occurrences include gold dust appearing on people and things, jewels suddenly popping into existence, people “falling under the power” (a.k.a., being “slain in the Spirit”), glory clouds hovering or swirling, oil coming from people’s hands, feathers drifting by, and more. Are these real manifestations of God, or just the result of overzealous but unethical leaders? Is there a Biblical basis for any of these? This book delves into the Scriptures and analyzes passages that are often overlooked, to give a thoughtful and Biblically sound response to these reports of unusual manifestations.

Gold Dust, Jewels, and More: Manifestations of God? by Dave Arns is an excellent teaching regarding these phenomena which are occurring in our time. Dave gives a very thorough Biblical study of this subject and relates historical evidence of these manifestations as well. The reader will be significantly informed, and any doubts of the validity of the Lord manifesting Himself in this manner will be quickly put to rest. Dave’s dry sense of humor adds a great deal of pleasure in the reading of this book! It is packed full of insightful information.
Patricia Dirstine, Prophetic Team, Healing Rooms of Loveland, Loveland, CO

It is my joy to review and recommend this book by Dave Arns. Coming from a Pentecostal denomination, I have experienced many of the manifestations referred to in this book. At first, I expected the various manifestations to be “defended” as if they were phenomenon outside of Biblical record. A defense of such experiences would not have been unwarranted, in light of much criticism that has come from certain theological camps opposed to such experiences. However, this book treats the various manifestations from not only their symbolism but of the actual fruit borne from true encounters with God and the work of the Holy Spirit. The overwhelming purpose of the signs and wonders spoken of in Scripture and of believers’ experiences is that these signs point away from themselves and point to Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s work, creating a sense of wonder and majesty. I have been in meetings where jewels were sprinkled all over the altar area where intense worship was happening. The resulting focus was not on the phenomenon, though not ignored, but an even greater intensity and focus on the manifest presence of King Jesus. I have experienced weeping, laughter, dreams and visions, and this book points out the spiritual normality of such things in light of innumerable accounts in Scripture. As I read each Biblical reference concerning gold, jewels, oil, glory clouds, falling under the power of God, shaking, and laughter, I was drawn even more to the majesty and creativity of Almighty God. Reading this book gave a sound, sane, and substantive context to the prayer of Jesus: “. . .on earth as it is in heaven.” The reminder the author gives, to keep your eyes on Jesus and keep loving the skeptics, puts on display the priority of manifesting the fruit of the Spirit while experiencing the ever-increasing splendor of the precious Holy Spirit’s sovereignty and majesty.
Tom Albrecht, Founder and Senior Pastor of Christ’s Church of the Rockies and the Front Porch Outreach, Loveland, CO

If you’ve ever wondered if gold dust and other supernatural phenomena are real, if not biblical, this book is a must-read! Filled with Scriptural detail, this exhaustive writing paints a clear picture of why we can be assured: that the supernatural phenomena God’s people are experiencing today across the globe is Biblical. Enjoy!
Rob Gross, Pastor, Mountain View Community Church, Kaneohe, HI

If It Be Thy Will
(Book 5 in the Thoughts On Series)
ISBN 978-1-63443-634-2 (E-book, ≈128,000 words, $9.99)
ISBN 978-1-50850-314-9 (Paperback, 386 pages, $12.99)
Many people in the Body of Christ, when they pray for physical healing, end their prayers with “. . .if it be Thy will.” That brings up a very important point: Is it God’s will to heal us? Never, sometimes, or always? How do we know? What does the Bible say? So often, Jesus said to the people He just healed, “Your faith has made you well.” Where did they get that faith, and can we learn from them? This book goes into great detail about what the Bible says—and does not say—about physical healing, and whether praying for it is something we are forbidden, discouraged, permitted, encouraged, or commanded to do. The Bible has much to say on this subject, and we can learn a great deal by just looking at what it says, and noting the obvious implications.

Foreword by Chris Gore
As the Director of the Bethel Healing Ministries in Redding, California, I’ve dedicated my life to see Jesus get everything He paid for on the cross. Healing is a topic that is very personal to me and I will never shy away from it. I have dedicated my life to pursue healing, both for my family and for the body of Christ to walk in its fullness. It wasn’t too many years ago that I was crying out to God to see my first healing, and now it is a part of my everyday life. I travel extensively as part of my job, ministering and teaching on healing, and it was on one such trip that I had the privilege of meeting Dave Arns. As I travel, it doesn’t take too long to realize that people have a lot of questions and misconceptions regarding healing, God’s will to heal them, and if they could experience healing right there, right now. It’s a deep longing and desire in so many people, and yet often our misconceptions or poor theology keeps us from accessing what is rightly our inheritance. I’m so thankful Dave has written on this subject of healing, as it is a topic that needs to be addressed in depth and he does it with excellence. Even if we aren’t sick ourselves, we all know someone who suffers from some sort of physical ailment, whether minor or life-threatening, so it is something that directly or indirectly has an effect on all of our lives.

Often when you hear people speak or write on the topic of healing, they will skirt around the tough questions, but not Dave! He doesn’t shy away from anything in his book If It Be Thy Will, but instead he tackles the hard questions head on. Dave is a student of the Word, so you can rest assured that this book is full of Scripture and not just backed up with mere hype or his own experience. He uses multiple translations and covers a vast amount of Scripture. Dave lays the foundation of God’s nature as Healer throughout the Old Testament and then he will walk you through the New Testament stories of Jesus’ healings, the disciples’ healings, and then, verse by verse, he will show you God’s heart for us as believers, not only how to be a recipient of healing ourselves, but also how to minister healing to others. Dave doesn’t stop at theology, but brings the truths to a practical level and explains how this reality affects our daily lives as well. God wants to use us to heal the sick! Dave unpacks portions of Scripture such a Paul’s thorn in the flesh and Timothy’s ailments and will go on to answer questions such as “If a person has sin in their life, will it keep them from receiving healing?” If you have questions concerning God’s will to heal, if healing is for today, if God wants to use you to heal others, or just want to further understand God’s heart and the Biblical foundation of healing, I’d highly recommend this book! Or perhaps you already know that it’s God’s will to heal and have a great foundation for these truths, but you have people in your life who are struggling with the concept of healing: this book will help you communicate the truth as Dave delves into Scripture and comprehensively covers the topic of healing from a Biblical standpoint. If It Be Thy Will will build your faith, increase your confidence, remind you of the heart and nature of the Father, and inspire you to never settle for sickness and powerlessness. Dave also shares his personal testimonies and breakthroughs of when he has prayed and seen others healed, and he will inspire you to step out and do the same.

As someone who has been on the front lines of the healing ministry for almost 20 years now, I would encourage you to read this book with an open heart and mind as you encounter the Healer for yourself! You won’t regret it.
Chris Gore, Director of Bethel Healing Ministries
Author of Walking in Supernatural Healing Power
Redding, California, 2017

I just finished your book on healing, If It Be Thy Will. I found it to be an easy read; I enjoyed the Scripture references and to be able to look at different translations side by side. You brought things out that I had not seen or thought about before, which was fun. I loved how you covered the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and the flow from Old to New Covenant. It’s very clear how God’s will is to heal today, as it was in the past. . . .if you feel led to share the book with somebody at the Healing Rooms, please do; I think it would bless him tremendously.
Tom Tyrrell, Director, Healing Rooms of Loveland, Loveland, CO

I highly recommend David Arns’ book from The Thoughts On Series entitled If It Be Thy Will. I have read many books on healing over the years, but this is by far the most convincing and compelling work, accurately conveying God’s heart for His children to be made whole. Dave uses numerous translations of Scripture to bring forth Biblical truth that God’s desire is to heal spirit, soul and body. Dave skillfully demolishes the idea that the Lord does not heal today! This is a very scholarly and deep work, but it is punctuated with wonderful down-to-earth humor. He brings the essence of Scripture to light in a profoundly deep way. The reader will be filled with new hope and be greatly encouraged.
Patricia Dirstine, Prophetic Team, Healing Rooms of Loveland, Loveland, CO
(From an email regarding the above endorsement: “It is an excellent book!!—really the best book I have ever read on healing! I hope that I conveyed this in the short review.”)

’It’s amazing how years, even decades of wrong teaching can be overturned by a single miraculous encounter with God.’ I love this quote from David Arns as he takes his readers on a deep-dive of scripture in If It Be Thy Will. This book is an excellent resource highlighting numerous scriptural references indicating a need for the demonstration of physical healing in our everyday Christian lives. This is a call to the church of God to be able to demonstrate signs and wonders because The Word says so! Dave makes an excellent point that sickness was not part of Christ’s suffering, so it shouldn’t be part of ours either. I learned a great deal as I read through this book and saw scriptures in a new way too. This is a book I will be going back to many times. I also love that it concludes with his own personal testimonies of healing prayer.
Deborah Darling, Prayer Deacon, Trinity Church, New York, NY

I LOVED “If It Be Thy Will”. It really put some things in perspective for me. It’s also helpful because Dave goes straight out of the Bible for his sources. So you can look things up for yourself if you’re interested. It’s an easy read with a lot of insight! If you or a loved one is dealing with any emotional or physical sickness and you are wondering if God wants them to be healed. . . THIS IS THE BOOK YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!!
—Amazon Customer

You have addressed the questions I have always had. This is definitely the best book I’ve read on healing. . . .[I] love the way your book flows. Easy to understand, yet profound enough to make it an “aha” moment. Thank you, Dave. I feel very blessed to have had Holy Spirit lead me to you. You are an encourager.
—Diane Evans, M.A., Retired Language Arts Instructor, Cody, WY

Free to Choose?
(Book 6 in the Thoughts On Series)
ISBN 978-1-63443-637-3 (E-book, ≈192,000 words, $9.99)
ISBN 978-1-51182-993-9 (Paperback, 590 pages, $18.99)
One of the most hotly debated concepts in the last 500 years or so has been that of whether or not people actually have a free will to choose their eternal destiny. People debate each other with—shall we say, religious fervor—and people on both sides of the debate offer Scriptures to support their viewpoints. On the one hand, we have people who believe that God offers us a choice to voluntarily repent and turn to Him. On the other hand, we have people who believe that God is sovereign, and that sovereignty necessarily means that God determines the eternal destination of everyone, with no regard to our choices. These two viewpoints can’t both be correct, because they say mutually exclusive things. But fortunately, the Bible is remarkably unambiguous in its teachings: reading Scriptures in context and thinking about how various passages relate to each other make it abundantly clear which one of these viewpoints is actually the Biblical position.

Be Filled with the Spirit
(Book 7 in the Thoughts On Series)
ISBN 978-1-943280-66-7 (E-book, ≈131,000 words, $8.99)
ISBN 978-1-51520-515-9 (Paperback, 408 pages, $14.99)
In the last fifty years or so, there has been a tremendous resurgence of interest in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the accompanying gifts of the Spirit. In some, the interest is entirely academic; in others, it is a passionate hunger to experience it firsthand. But there are people who claim that such things faded away around the end of the first century, and are therefore no longer available. Did they really fade away? We need to know because other people claim to have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and use the gifts of the Spirit every day, as a normal part of Christian life. As always, the Bible is the normative standard for living the Christian life, so what does the Bible say on this topic? Quite a lot, and if we follow what the Bible says, our Christian lives will become much more exciting and fruitful in the things of the Kingdom.

Be Filled With the Spirit answers a lot of people’s questions about the baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. If you are seeking a thoughtful, clear, down to earth, Scriptural presentation of this topic, then this book is for you.
Dr. Mark Virkler, President of Christian Leadership University and Communion With God Ministries, Buffalo, NY

Be Filled With the Spirit is an excellent resource for someone who is interested in learning what the baptism of the Holy Spirit is, is it for today, and is it something that believers need. Dave has presented sound Scriptural answers to these questions and more. I found the book to be especially helpful as a guide to instruct those who have been taught that those things aren’t for today. He makes it very clear through Scripture that every believer needs what the Holy Spirit has to offer! I loved the way he presented the Scriptures in several different translations to help us get a better overall picture of the true meaning, and I loved the logical and methodical way he addressed many common misconceptions about what being filled with the Holy Spirit means. Scripture is our final authority. It is the standard we as believers must use to set the course of our lives. Dave has a deep understanding of God’s word and has obviously spent much time studying it. He shares his insight in a clear and concise way in this book, and I highly recommend it! It will help solidify things you know and establish a strong Scriptural foundation of why being filled with the Spirit is not an option, but a vital necessity for every believer who wants all God has to offer! We will definitely be using it as a resource at the Healing Rooms of Loveland.
Jana Tyrrell, Director, Healing Rooms of Loveland, Loveland, CO
(From the email containing the above endorsement: “Thank you for the honor of reviewing your book!  . . .I really did enjoy reading it. We would like to have some for the Healing Rooms. . . You have blessed the Healing Rooms so much, we would like to return the favor!”)

Going Beyond Christianity 101
(Book 8 in the Thoughts On Series)
ISBN 978-1-943281-13-8 (E-book, ≈71,000 words, $7.99)
ISBN 978-1-517778-19-4 (Paperback, 226 pages, $10.99)
What would be the content of a “Christianity 101” class? In other words, what is “elementary” Christianity? To avoid pet doctrines and the inevitable differences of opinion, we should see what the Bible itself describes as the “elementary doctrines” or the “foundational” principles of the faith. These are enumerated in Hebrews 6:1–2 as: repentance from sin, faith toward God, baptisms (plural), the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. Listening to the amount of heated discussion in the body of Christ on these topics, we soon realize that as a whole, the body of Christ doesn’t even have a good handle on the elementary doctrines yet. The Bible says much on these doctrines that is often overlooked by doing only a casual study. This book looks at Scriptures pertaining to these six topics in great detail, and then speculates on what it might mean to “go beyond” these foundational teachings, as Hebrews 6:1 encourages us to do.

To the prospective reader of Going Beyond Christianity 101: you are in for a treat of revelatory teaching that will greatly strengthen your Christian foundation! How I wish that I had had this book in my hands when I first became a Christian. It would have eliminated many years of needless “rabbit trails” and misunderstandings for me. Dave approaches his teaching with 360 degrees of scholarly expertise. His use of so many versions of the Bible along with his many explanations of the original Greek and Hebrew texts greatly illuminates foundational truth. This book is an absolute treasure for the new Christian! Understanding Bible truths would be so helpful in establishing and solidifying his or her Christian foundation. The “older” Christian will find many nuggets of understanding as well. I highly recommend this book! Dave Arns is a very gifted teacher who excels at bringing understanding and revelation from the Word of God.
Patricia Dirstine, Prophetic Team, Healing Rooms of Loveland, Loveland, CO
(From an email regarding the above endorsement: “I hope that my recommendation is helpful for you. Your work is really off the charts amazing!”)

David Arns’ book Going Beyond Christianity 101 is a wonderful foundational book that outlines topics such as physical healing, impartation and the doctrine of baptisms. This book would be a great resource for new and seasoned Christians alike. The information is presented clearly and it allows the reader to see Scripture verses in a fresh way. I really liked that if a specific Scripture was being looked at the author provided multiple versions/translations of the same Scripture verse to really capture the meaning of the biblical writer. This book is a great resource that compares and contrasts multiple translations of the same verse all in the same place. The author is a true Berean! This is a resource that I will go back and use many times!
Deborah Darling, Prayer Deacon, Trinity Church, New York, NY

When I read Dave’s writing, revelations of wisdom are embedded deeply in my soul, mind, and spirit. I never quite know when whispers of these gifts will emerge. Soothing thoughts, a dream, conversations, writing in a journal, and solving problems are just a few examples. His books invite the reader on a journey to seek God and His truths. Rarely does an author inspire such fun adventures into the character of a loving God. Prepare yourself for chats with the Holy Spirit as you enjoy uniquely inspired words.
—Rose Sprenger, M.Ed., retired math teacher, Colorado
Prophetic Team, Healing Rooms of Loveland, Colorado

Searching the Word: Bible Word-Search Puzzles on Steroids
(Book 9 in the Thoughts On Series)
ISBN 978-1-943281-89-3 (E-book, ≈57,000 words, $8.99)
ISBN 978-1-522880-90-5 (Paperback, 358 pages, $12.99)
What do you get when you cross a word-lover with a Word-lover? In other words, what do you get when you cross a person who enjoys word games with a student of the Bible? And then, for good measure, throw in a teacher and a writer. What do you get? This book. Much more than just a book of word-search puzzles, and much more than just a book of Bible lists, this book combines the fun of solving word problems with a fascinating way to study the Bible. Words or phrases from the Bible, and which fit into the same category, are used as the word lists for the puzzles. While you’re looking for words, sooner or later you’re bound to think, “What does that mean?” and when you check the info section for that puzzle, you’ll learn something, and realize you’ve discovered a delightful new way to study the Bible!

Word search puzzles have been a favorite of mine since I was little. Combining Bible learning with something I enjoy was impactful. Thanks David!
—Kathline Fountain, BSSM Student, Redding, CA

Hearing from God: A Daily Devotional
(Book 10 in the Thoughts On Series)
ISBN 978-1-943280-85-8 (E-book, ≈111,000 words, $9.99)
ISBN 978-1-537043-04-3 (Paperback, 430 pages, $14.99)
Many daily devotionals are in very small, bite-sized installments that you can read in three minutes or less. This may be very appropriate for people who are always on the go, and are doing so at God’s leading. But such tiny tidbits, while they may be very good and very true, are still pretty small, and as such, have insufficient room to get very deep. As such, they are barely spiritual hors d’oeuvres, let alone a hearty spiritual meal of “strong meat.” If you have a bit more time, this devotional is a good alternative. It goes into greater depth and breadth in the Scriptural support and elaboration. You may notice that the list of Scripture references at the bottom of each day’s entry is longer than you have seen in other daily devotionals. This is deliberate: You’ll be blessed if you read all the Scriptures for each day’s devotional, even if two or three passages seem to say the same thing—when the Bible makes similar statements but expresses them slightly differently, the various nuances of meaning are significant and enlightening; they are not merely accidental. There is amazing depth in the Scriptures. . .

From an unsolicited text message one morning: “Dave, your devotional book is the best I have ever used, and I have a bunch of devotional books. I feel there is a powerful prophetic edge to each day’s devotion; thanks for your gift to me and the body of Christ.”
Tom Albrecht, Founder and Senior Pastor of Christ’s Church of the Rockies and the Front Porch Outreach, Loveland, CO

I gave this book to my girlfriend’s husband. The next day she said “I’m happy but I’m mad at you.” She told me her husband kept her up till midnight reading this book to her. He couldn’t believe how similarly God speaks to him as spoken of in this book. David’s books make great gifts!
—Kathline Fountain, BSSM Student, Redding, CA

I have just finished reading your book Hearing from God. Kathline Fountain gave it to me to read. Thank you for giving it to her. I loved it over the top.  . . .  I truly loved your book from God. I leaned into every word. I am going to start through it again. It is alive. It brings life. It brings revelation. It brings presence. It brings wisdom. It reveals the heart of God. It opens my eyes and ears to the “more” of God. His heart. His plans. His world. Him. So good. So big. So powerful. So impacting.
—Tom Manke, Redding, CA

Daily coming to the Lord through Hearing from God Daily Devotionals gives me a broad, in-depth, heaping dose of God’s Word and Way. The personal messages from God supported by Scriptures cited throughout the Bible give me insight into what my Papa is wanting me to focus on for the day. There is space on the page to write what I hear God telling me He wants me to glean from the message and scriptures. No “fluff” here! I love the in-depth heart of God that comes through in this devotional. . . a great way to start every day!
Verlane Saxton, Prophetic Team, Healing Rooms of Loveland, Loveland, CO

I cannot thank you enough for your amazing Hearing from God devotional. I am enjoying it immensely and love all the Scripture references to take my time with the Lord even deeper, allowing His still, small voice to speak to my soul. It truly does speak to my heart! I am going to treasure it and read it for years to come! What a refreshing, yet insightful and thought-filled (truth-filled) book. It’s absolutely fabulous! I hope it’s something Rob and I can enjoy together. . . maybe even next week as we venture to a church-planting retreat. Thank you for literally placing it into my hands and for all of your continued knowledge and encouragement. Blessings to you.
—Stacy McClelland, Loveland, CO

If the cares of the world are heavy upon your heart as the news tells us of evil at every turn, then this daily devotional will lift your spirit to face each day. Each day’s thoughts are profound, deep, inspirational, and full of prophetic insights. The author’s trust in God’s providence and sovereignty is evident in every word. This is, by far, the best daily devotional that I have ever come across. I agree with the author as he recommends taking time to look up the scriptures that he cites. God’s word is full of promises that are designed to give us hope for our future.
—Martha Marshall, Greeley, CO

Lord of the Dance
(Book 11 in the Thoughts On Series)
ISBN 978-1-943281-51-0 (E-book, ≈39,000 words, $6.99)
ISBN 978-1-539901-00-6 (Paperback, 128 pages, $8.99)
The Bible talks about dancing in many places, both as an act of worship, and as a normal expression of joy. The church, after a lengthy period of thunder-fisted condemnation of all dance, as if it could not possibly occur without wallowing in sin, is recognizing their previous overreaction and seeing dance in many positive aspects: as an expression of worship, an enjoyable social activity, and a way to improve bodily fitness and mental acuity, to name but a few. Having been a dance instructor since 1999, and a student of the Word for even longer, the author could not help noticing that there are a great many correlations between a man and a woman dancing, and a husband and wife in a marriage. These correlations were vividly brought into focus while teaching engaged couples how to dance for their upcoming weddings—it’s remarkable how often dance lessons included, almost unavoidably, significant premarital couseling. And those same correlations apply with even more eternal import in our relationship with Christ our Redeemer. This book explores many of those correlations and similarities in a way that presents concepts of dance almost as parables whose meanings, for those who have ears to hear, are nothing less than profound in the marital and spiritual realms.

Have you ever met a person that captured your attention in such a way that you wished everyone else could be exposed to their radical faith and love of God? Well, Dave Arns is that kind of person! He carries the Presence of God on him in such a way that you want to learn more about what God is saying to him and this book gave me an opportunity to learn more about how this dance instructor guides and teaches others how ‘lead/follow dance’ can mirror a beautiful marriage. How exciting to read a book that focuses on the importance of dance as a spontaneous act of worship and even scriptural commands to dance in worship (Psalm 149:2–4). Those who are being called to worship and dance will particularly love this book and be so thankful to have all scriptural reference to dancing and worship in one beautiful book.
Deborah Darling, Prayer Deacon, Trinity Church, New York, NY

Prophetic Ministry: A Biblical Look at Seeing
(Book 12 in the Thoughts On Series)
ISBN 978-1-64136-765-3 (E-book, ≈73,000 words, $8.99)
ISBN 978-1-97467-556-2 (Paperback, 222 pages, $11.99)
Scripture tells us to “eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy” (I Corinthians 14:1, NIV). Why “especially” the gift of prophecy? The Bible seems to emphasize prophecy as the highest gift, so there must be a good reason. And indeed, there is; in fact, there are many. This book examines Scriptures that tell us about how prophecy works: Who is authorized to pursue this gift, how people can perceive messages from God, what forms they can take, how to deliver them to the intended recipients, the necessary attitude and demeanor when doing so, common pitfalls, and more. If you have been hungering to hear the voice of God, rest assured that you can, because Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice” (John 10:27). You do hear His voice. That is wonderful in itself. But when you have the privilege of speaking into someone else’s life God’s own words for that specific person and moment and situation, that is even more wonderful. Yes, eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy. You’ll be glad you did.

Prophetic Ministry is a biblically and spiritually solid, easy-to-read book by David Arns. I guarantee that you will learn new things as you read it. It is completely balanced, theologically accurate and passionately practical, teaching you how to begin moving in the prophetic. Every sentence ministered insight and life to me as I’m sure it will to you also.
   David has spent his lifetime examining Scriptures carefully to see exactly what they teach. His presentation is full of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation and his grasp of it is thorough and complete.
   I would say this is one of the most balanced and helpful books on the prophetic I have read. I unreservedly recommend it to you.
Dr. Mark Virkler, President of Christian Leadership University and Communion With God Ministries, Buffalo, NY

I just finished looking through David Arns’ book, Prophetic Ministry: A Biblical Look at Seeing. I was amazed at the depth of research and commented to David, “My first thought was the book could be used as a primary reference tool for a semester-long course on the prophetic.” This is one of those books you want to acquire and keep in your study library for future reference.
Garris Elkins, Author, Mentor and Teacher,, Medford, OR
(From an email before writing the “official” review above: “You did a tremendous amount of research on a wide variety of topics relating to the gift of prophecy. I commend you on your research! I also noticed you are a prolific writer on many other topics. Thank you for the gift of your book. I will add it to my library for future reference.”)

In Prophetic Ministry: A Biblical Look at Seeing, David Arns succinctly asks, and answers common questions that address much controversy regarding the prophetic today. In clear terms, David speaks to the problem of overly negative aspects of the prophetic movement and offers keen insight into the distinction between prophetic ministry as expressed from the Old Testament paradigm and the character of the same in the New Testament setting. For those that are either new to the prophetic or having years of experience in this dynamic movement, David’s book is a worthy treatment that is both enlightening and entertaining.
Russell Walden, Prophet and Marketplace Minister,, Green Valley, AZ
(From an email before writing the “official” review above: “I just finished reading your book on Prophetic Ministry: A Biblical Look at Seeing. I was delighted to see how it resonated with things in my heart that honestly either don’t get said or are outright portrayed in the opposite light by many claiming to be authorities on the subject. I also enjoyed the style of inquiry, which reminds me of the late John Wimber, whom I deeply admired. The emphasis on how to deal with seeing negative things and carefully presenting what would essentially be corrective within the parameters of 1 Cor. 14:1–3 was very refreshing and right in line with our total commitment here at Father’s Heart Ministry. Thank you for sharing this with me. Your other books look interesting as well. Praise God for a prolific, thoughtful author. It’s the 6th man ministry of the rider with the inkhorn going forth!”)

In flight school, aspiring pilots are taught in a flight simulator to take note of what is going on with their bodies in an oxygen-deprived environment. During this time, they are trained to be aware of what is going on with their bodies in the event that something might occur on an actual flight. Similarly, the Lord trains us to be mindful of what is going on in the spiritual realm when He speaks to us prophetically so we can join what He is doing.
   In his new book, Prophetic Ministry: A Biblical Look at Seeing, David Arns provides a comprehensive study of the wide spectrum of ways God supernaturally speaks to His people. Backed by hundreds of Scriptural examples and actual ministry experiences, David masterfully unpacks what prophetic ministry looks like and how it can be implemented in and through your life.
Rob Gross, Pastor, Mountain View Community Church, Kaneohe, HI
(From an email before writing the “official” review above: “I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. It is extremely well balanced incorporating the Word and the Spirit. Your detailed attention to Scripture is remarkable!  . . . Again, I appreciate you sending me your book. It was excellent!”)

Thank you so much for sharing your book with me, Prophetic Ministry: A Biblical Look at Seeing. I found it to be a very good tool for sharing with people who wonder if the prophetic is for today. You used many Scriptures and lots of reference material. I thought your examples using different people were very good. I see that you are a very prolific writer and have taken on writing many books on a variety of somewhat controversial topics. I think you mentioned something like you are writing to help people know why they believe. I think I could easily use your book as a reference for the prophetic.
Mary Dorian, Assistant Pastor, Glorybound Ministries Center, Albuquerque, NM

I think your book is very thorough. It makes for a good textbook that could be used at Bible Colleges—along with someone who is serious about the prophetic.
Kyle Miller, Prophet, Teacher, and Musician,, Little Rock, AR

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Dave Arns’ latest book, Prophetic Ministry: A Biblical Look at Seeing. He thoroughly presents Scripture proving that we are all to hear from God. I especially appreciated the emphasis on the instructions of Paul concerning prophecy in I Corinthians 14, where he encourages us all to prophesy. Dave reminds us that these Scriptures are written to the Corinthians who were babes in Christ, lacking spiritual maturity. What an encouragement for all of us, that we can truly all prophesy! I believe every Christian should read this book to gain a Scriptural understanding of this powerful gift the Lord has given us to comfort, encourage, and edify the body of Christ.
Pastor Carolyn Tracy, Celebration Church, Loveland, CO

Arise, My Beloved Daughter
(Book 13 in the Thoughts On Series)
ISBN 978-1-64136-766-0 (E-book, ≈119,000 words, $8.99)
ISBN 978-1-09629-548-8 (Paperback, 334 pages, $12.99)
Recently, an increasing number of prophetic words from established, world-class prophets—of both genders—are calling for women to arise and fulfill the callings and destinies that God ordained for them before the world began. And women are rising to the call: thoughtful, godly, competent women, with compassion for the lost, deep intimacy with God, and a passion to see the mercy and blessings of Jesus poured out onto a seriously damaged world. Also, there is a dawning awareness on the part of males in church leadership that they have been missing out on much of what God wants to pour out because highly gifted women have been disregarded, ignored, passed over, and even actively suppressed in their attempts at ministry. God is opening up revelation about things that have been in the Word all along, but about which we have long had a flawed understanding. Why is God revealing it now? Because with the glory that God is intending to pour out in the Third Great Awakening, the Church no longer has the “luxury” of limping along with half of its soldiers in the brig because the other half thinks they’re incapable.
   Included in this book are stories contributed by Edie Bayer, Lori Chisholm, Danielle Dixon, Alane Haynes, Dr. Kim Maas, Ella Onakoya, Lyn Packer, and Kathi Pelton. These powerful women tell in their own words stories of what they experienced, both good and bad, as God moved them into anointed and influential ministries in the body of Christ.

Foreword by Dr. Kim Maas
I just returned from a three-day gathering of leaders from around the world in Washington DC. When I received the invitation, I knew it was time. It was time to join my hand, my anointing, my gifts, my voice with theirs. We all were from different generations, different ethnic backgrounds, different geographical and socioeconomic locations, and different denominational streams. We each had a different story of how we received the call, the path God led us on to bring us here, the heartaches, suffering, victories, and miracles we have experienced along the way, and the mission we still labor toward fulfilling. What we shared, besides the love of Christ, was our gender. We are all leaders. We are all female.

It is time. There is phenomenon happening all over the world right now. God is stirring up a global revival movement and within this move is a move of God among the people-group called “female.” Women are being raised up in unprecedented numbers, touched and anointed by the Holy Spirit, and given a vision and mission. The lost will be saved, the poor will be fed and clothed, the orphans will be placed in families, sex trafficking will be exposed and ended, abortion will become known as a demonically inspired holocaust, women who are raped and abused and killed for “honor” will be helped, healed, and loved, education in third-world countries will be impacted, human rights will be championed, families will be reconciled, the social-service and child-protection serviced will be reformed, and nations will experience revival. On the forefront of every revival movement there has been a women’s movement, as they received the call of God to bring Jesus to every nation and every sector of society; business, family, religion, entertainment, media, education, and government.

It is time. Dave Arns’ book, Arise, My Beloved Daughter, is right on time. Dave joins his voice to the army of others God is raising up to say women are called, anointed, and appointed by God without limitation due to gender. He has written a clear, concise, biblically based book, offering us an opportunity to look again at Scripture and what it has to say, without bias, about women in ministry. His insights are grounded on biblical emphasis and the heart of God for women.

Chapter by chapter, Dave Arns logically and biblically tackles the difficult passages of Scripture, asking and answering the questions: Can women answer a call of God to ministry as leaders, pastors, apostles, and prophets? Can they teach men, speak in church, plant churches and evangelize? Did God, Jesus, Paul, Peter, or Timothy exclude women from answering a call of God involving leading and teaching in the church? If not, why has the church held such a theology of women in ministry?

The answers to those questions are found in this book. Arise, My Beloved Daughter is not only an antidote to the traditional misinterpretations and limitations placed on women in the church, but also to the misguided feminist movement. A women’s movement has nothing to do with replacing men, hating men, dominating men, or oppressing men. It has nothing to do with revenge or proving our worth or women’s reproductive right to choose. It has everything to do with advancing the Kingdom of God, demonstrating the Gospel, and bringing in the harvest. Who should read this book? Everyone. Men, women, young, old, individuals, families, young people (especially the next generation), churched and unchurched, small groups, prayer groups, house churches, and all denominations. Read the book and then send copies to those you know. Let it bring a renewing of our mindset about what God wants for the people-group called female. Join God in what He is already doing: raising up women all over the world.

For too long I have heard the lament of gifted and brilliant women saying, “There was no place in the church where I was allowed to use my gifts and education, so I became a lawyer (or doctor, business owner, author, producer, etc.).” It is time for us to throw open the door to the people-group called female and welcome them to bring their gifts to the Kingdom table. The harvest is ripe and every laborer is needed. There is no time to waste. As in Judges when “village life ceased,” it is time for a mother’s movement, a women’s movement in the Spirit of Deborah to arise and restore the streets to dwell in (Judges 5:7 NKJV). It is time for women to be supported and celebrated as they answer the call of Psalm 68:11 (AMP): “The Lord gives the word of power; the women who bear and publish the word are a great host.”

Lastly, a note to the men reading this book: We need you. We need you to continue strong and unwavering in your call. We need you to continue to answer the all on your lives. When we take our place beside you, we need you to know we are ready to run together for the sake of the Kingdom.

Kim Maas, M.Div., D.Min., International Speaker, Ordained Pastor,
Founder/President Kim Maas Ministries, Women of Our Time,
Author of Prophetic Community: God’s Call to All to Minister in His Gifts (Chosen Books), Moorpark, CA

While this book may challenge a “good ol’ boy world,” the Truth of God’s Word still gives place to set the captives free. There have been many great women from the beginning of time whom God has used to further His Kingdom. I found this book to be a great gift: that one could gain freedom from the traditions of man and enlightened into a full gospel of good news for all of mankind. God’s faithfulness always uses people to outsmart even the greatest of minds with the simplicity of His Truth. This book offers a revelation found in the journey of one daring to believe that God wasn’t lessening women’s roles in the body of Christ.

Quite the contrary, this book is thought-provoking, informative, and full of a richness that brings so much life to the body of Christ. Its revelational content is a breath of fresh air given and needed on a topic that has in the past been easily rejected, ignored, avoided or pre-decided by one’s own deductions/opinion. The study of God’s Word brings revelation and wisdom to those who seek it and brings life to those who find it. Clearly this book gives opportunity to experience a healthy look into God’s original design of His own character and nature, and brings an extremely valuable facet into the light. Arise, My Beloved Daughter gives access to a place in the Kingdom that religion has tried to stop many from entering into. Well done. . . the enemy’s plan has been foiled again. Glory to God!
—Lori Chisholm, Senior Pastor, New Freedom Outreach Center, Berthoud, Colorado

I’ve just finished reading Arise, My Beloved Daughter. Well done, Dave! This comprehensive book, on a subject that is much on God’s heart at this time, is well-written and researched. Dave’s approach is biblical, solid, clearly laid out and it leaves you in no doubt as to God’s intended purpose and place for women. In it is a clarion call for women everywhere to rise and take their place as a beloved daughter who was born to make a difference in the world she lives in, wherever that may be.
—Lyn Packer, Prophet, teacher, speaker, artist, author of Visions, Visitations and the Voice of God, Co-Creating with God, and others,
Facilitator of New Zealand Prophetic Network, Founder of the Together Network, Tauranga, New Zealand

Thank you, Dave, for writing this book! It is so timely in this season for the Body of Christ. Women all over the earth are being called up higher, into greater positions of responsibility, although there can still be that age-old “Woman Question” lurking in darkness. Dave’s passion and revelation of God’s Word are portrayed in his writings, and this book Arise, My Beloved Daughter is no exception. He allows the truth of God’s word to answer the questions loudly and clearly around this subject and take away confusion. I believe this book has the potential to change hearts.
—Danielle Dixon, Prophet and Senior Leader of Ark Ministries Church
Founder of Danielle Dixon Ministries, Queensland, Australia

I just finished reading Arise, My Beloved Daughter and am so encouraged to have such a great resource for both men and women to help unpack Scriptures which can be misunderstood or “lost in translation.” Thank you for taking the time to dig deeper into Scriptures that, in some translations, seem to limit women as opposed to releasing them to do “every good work.”
   What an encouraging book and great resource for both women and men! This is a stunning and thorough book addressing areas that have limited women in the past. We are stronger and more beautiful together. This book sets the record straight on how we can all stand, together, as the body of Christ. I am so thankful that the new generation of women (and men) being raised up in the church have such a great resource available as they walk boldly and confidently in their callings.
   Thank you for letting me get a “sneak peek” at your latest book! I was particularly impacted by the sections touching on translation bias. It was shocking how the same Hebrew or Greek word would be interpreted differently depending on who was being addressed, men or women. Oh my!
   Great job, Dave!! You are such an encouragement to the Body of Christ!
Deborah Darling, Christian Healing Ministries, Jacksonville, FL

Arise, My Beloved Daughter was a powerful book for me to read. It took me on an emotional journey as I was confronted with the historical prejudice and neglect that women throughout history have faced. Deep sadness turned to inspiration and hope as the author thoroughly explained the Scriptures that support God’s call on women throughout Biblical history. I found this book extremely helpful in writing my practicum paper, as the author cites valuable resources to support his points. I highly recommend this book! It is a must-read for women whose heart is to fulfill the call of God on their lives.
—Julie Berry, Student in Global Awakening Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL

I’ve just finished reading Arise, My Beloved Daughter and am so blessed! David Arns has done his homework and we all get to benefit from his hours of research and deep dives into Greek and Hebrew. He explains the hard-to-understand passages around women in leadership in sound biblical fashion coupled with anointed insights straight from Father’s heart.
   It is my privilege to recommend this book to you. Thoroughly scriptural, refreshingly down-to-earth, and completely liberating. Thank you, Dave, for this wonderful gift to the Body of Christ!
—Charity Virkler Kayembe, Founder, Glory Waves Ministries
Co-Author, Hearing God Through Your Dreams and Everyday Angels

Oh, Evolve! (Good Luck With That...)
(Book 14 in the Thoughts On Series)
ISBN 978-1-64669-229-3 (E-book, ≈113,000 words, $8.99)
ISBN 979-8-67665-689-8 (Paperback, 346 pages, $12.99)
When the question of Creation vs. Evolution comes up, many people immediately assume it is a question of science vs. religion. But is it really? There are many scientists with impressive credentials in a variety of fields—many of them clearly not creationists—who are becoming more vocal all the time about the problems with the whole Darwinian idea of how everything came to be. And it’s true: there are more discoveries every year that militate against the ideas of the Big Bang, deep time, the Nebular Hypothesis of how the solar system was formed, uniformitarianism, life “arising” by random and undirected processes, and more. This book examines the problems with a variety of evolutionary assumptions, many of which are expressed by evolutionists themselves, and shows, in laymen’s terms, why the theory of evolution is collapsing under the weight of its own presuppositions. Evidence from cosmology, geology, chemistry, genetics, biology, and more, is becoming increasingly hostile to evolutionary notions. Because of this, more and more “rescue devices” (supplementary theories intended to explain why observations don’t match evolutionary predictions) are needed each year, to prop up the teetering theory. Not only will you see that evolution is no less a religion than Christianity, but you’ll see that the Creation vs. Evolution debate is science vs. science. Check out the evidence, and see which model is more supported by real-world observations!

One Nation Under God ...Again!
(Book 15 in the Thoughts On Series)
ISBN 978-1-64669-235-4 (E-book, ≈111,000 words, $8.99)
ISBN 979-8-46651-840-5 (Paperback, 322 pages, $13.99)
One of the recent discussions that has been generating more heat than light lately pertains to the spiritual underpinnings of the Founding Fathers of these United States: whether or not they intended to include Biblical/Christian principles in the founding documents, and therefore the entire fabric of our American society. There are some modern scholars who say the Founders were godless and secular, and other modern scholars who say they were solid Biblical Christians. Who is right? Rather than simply quoting recent writings concerning what the Founders “must have” meant, it is much more reliable to look at the writings of the Founders themselves, in context, compare their content to the Bible, and see how well they match. Unlike some modern scholars who “omit the scholarly practice” of including citations, expecting their readers to simply trust their conclusions, this book includes hundreds of footnotes containing citations, so you can go to the original documents themselves and verify the statements herein. When you do, you will see that our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights are not at all “godless” documents written from a secular mindset, but are filled with Biblical references, concepts, and wisdom. Armed with that knowledge and understanding, you will be able to confidently promote, as did the Founders, the strength of character and solid societal foundations that originally formed the basis of this country. If the Body of Christ rises to the challenge, we will indeed be one nation under God . . .again!

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Author’s Bio

Dave Arns was raised in church, but didn't start actually serving the Lord until his sophomore year of high school, in 1972. Being of a rather analytical turn of mind, he was delighted to see that there is a Biblical mandate for all Christians to be analytical: I Thessalonians 5:21 (NIV) says "Test everything. Hold on to the good." That, coupled with Paul's exhortation to teach what "the Holy Ghost teaches," not depending on man's wisdom (I Corinthians 2:11–14), and the commendation of the Bereans, who "searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so" (Acts 17:11), pretty much define Dave's life, in the spiritual realm, as well as the natural realm. In the mid-1970s, Dave heard a sermon in which he was exhorted to "know what you believe and why you believe it," and he has been trying to put that into practice ever since. He has been known to abandon long-held beliefs when someone showed him that they were incompatible with Scripture; that attitude seems to be necessary if we want to continue to grow in the Lord.

The “Thoughts On” Series of Books

Dave's current project is the "Thoughts On" series of books. The phrase "Thoughts On" is deliberately ambiguous, because it is meaningful and accurate either way you interpret it. First, it indicates where the seeds of the whole series came from: they were from a large list of informal Bible studies Dave had put together for his own interest and edification as a result of his "Thoughts On" various topics that occurred to him during his quiet times with the Lord. And second, it indicates one of Dave's goals as a teacher: to persuade people to turn their "Thoughts On" and consider logically what God has said in His word, and how it is very much to our benefit to take heed to what He says.

When reading The Chronicles of Narnia to his son Matthew when he was little, Dave came across the Professor's exasperated musing: "'Logic!' said the Professor half to himself. 'Why don't they teach logic at these schools?'" Oh, did that ring true with him! Many are the times Dave has heard a preacher or Bible teacher make a statement from the pulpit, and the crowd responds with a hearty "Amen!" Dave looks around astonished, thinking, "That statement's not true! I can think of three Scriptures off the top of my head that refute it!" And he just grieves for the complacency evident in most Christians; there is so much with which God wants to bless them, and they miss out because so often they don't seek the Lord to see what He says on a certain matter, and they don't check the Bible to verify statements they hear.

So, Dear Reader, please turn your Thoughts On. . .  :)

If you wish to contact the author, send an email to: